Easter Egg Fun

Since Easter is Sunday and it is Thursday, I finally let my Little Guy open the PAAS egg coloring box kit. He’s been drooling over it for about 5 days, and today was the day. We waited for Big Sister (18) to finish what she was doing and then the fun began.

I made 2 dozen eggs in my Instant Pot in about 20 minutes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Instant Pot! I got these great attachments/inserts from Amazon, and they work like a champ to be able to get the eggs out without breaking eggs or or burning me. Use the Egg setting for 13 minutes, add about 1 C of water to the Instant Pot, close the lid, and go prepare the dye.

Big Sister was in charge of the 1T vinegar per cup, (and later the 1/2 C water) Little Guy added the dye tablets. I was responsible for the mish-mosh collection of coffee cups to get all 8 colors going at once. The tablets fizzed while we watched and “ooh” “aahh” the fiz while the eggs cooked. When the eggs were done we released the pressure and took out the inner pot and put it in the sink so we could run cold water over the eggs. This took 2 fillings of cold water to get them nice and cold.

And then the magic began. We always write our family members’ names on an egg so we all have our own special egg. Then there’s the silly pictures and goofy things that are written and drawn on the extra eggs to see if anyone can figure out the mystery. We had a fun time laughing, joking, and creating fun while the eggs soaked and the colors transformed the eggs. *I admit I love the robin’s egg blue color the best. That color egg has always been my favorite.

While dying, Big Sister decided to add a little Sharpie to the egg fun. She has more artistic talent in her pinky fingernail than I have in my whole body. Of course, Little Guy wasn’t long in asking for the Sharpie so he could show his own skills. This is our kind of eggs. Nothing fancy, no stress for the perfect eggs. Just good fun and colored fingertips. And that’s how we do it on the Johnson Team.

Happy Easter everyone. Blessings to all!

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