Takeout during Quarantine, because we want out favorite hangouts to be open when we can go out again

I had it all planned, a steaming bowl of stew and a thick, buttered slice of homemade bread for dinner. I was gathering all of ingredients when Superman called and said he was on his way home from work- 3 hours early. So my plans got moved to tomorrow, which is fine. The best laid plans and all that. Tomorrow’s forecast is more rain, which had put me in the soup and bread mood in the first place. Could I still have made soup and bread? Yes. Or I could have made something else. But we decided to get takeout instead.

I suggested Mustachio’s, which is our local bar/restaurant. They have a ribeye steak sandwich that Superman loves. We have ties with this family- he and my dad were Union Electricians together forever, Superman worked at the station with him until he retired, I used to teach with their daughter, and our older kids went to school with their grandkids, and we all live in the same town. Phew! See? Small town living at its finest. We also really love the place. They have great food, it’s cozy, we are sure to see several people we know every time we go in, and we love supporting our friends’ business. We have attended several parties on their enclosed patio, and we do a family dinner there every month or 2.

During the craziness of Covid-19 and quarantine, we have made it a point to order takeout about every week or 2 from one of our favorite local establishments. We get pizza delivery from our favorite, Geo’s Pizza, or as it’s called in our house, Fifi’s Pizza. We get amazing grinders from Bellacino’s a town over. Sometimes you just need to see something other than your walls, so the short drive is a bonus. Carson’s Tap House also has great burgers and appetizers, which are a real treat. These places are important to us. The owners, employees, and customers are important to us. We want our favorite establishments to make it through this crisis, and when the world opens back up, we will continue to support them because they are a part of our community, and we love our community. And while I’m on the subject of love, don’t forget to tip your server. We all need a little extra love right now, and tips really do make a difference.

But what if your finances have been impacted by Coronavirus? What if ordering takeout is not an option for you right now? Can you still help somehow? ABSOLUTELY! *Leave a review on their website, FaceBook, or Yelp page. Tell about a great experience you had there. The things that you love about it are most likely the things others will love about it. *Send a note to the owners/staff. As in “snail mail.” Receiving an encouraging note in the mail is one of the greatest gifts in life! Thank them for your great experiences there, encourage them during this hard time, and tell them you’ll be there when all of this is over. *Suggest one of your favorite hangouts if getting takeout comes up in conversation. Do some word-of-mouth advertising for them. You may not be able to order right now, but maybe your friends can. *Pray for local businesses and those who work there. We can all use extra prayers right now.

Our takeout order was, by the way, DELICIOUS!!! As much as I love love love to cook, I also enjoy a night with more time to snuggle on the couch with Superman. No mess, no cleanup, just great food and conversation with my family. That nourishes my heart.

4 thoughts on “Takeout during Quarantine, because we want out favorite hangouts to be open when we can go out again

  1. Nice writing and great soul you have, lady! My family agreed to take out from locals every two weeks. I’ve never thought of one of our fav restaurants, Mustachio, until I read your blog. Need to visit soon. Thanks for sharing this good thought.


  2. Very nice ideas on how to support restaurants, even if you don’t have money to order food! We’ve been trying to order takeout as well. Gotta keep these places open. P.S. The Dock at Inwood in Joliet offers margarita flights to-go, just sayin’… 🙂


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