Grilled Vegetables in Cast Iron

Yesterday I was at the store grabbing some chicken to throw on the grill for dinner. The first really nice day after way too many gross ones deserves grilled food. I was perusing the produce section waiting for something to jump out at me and volunteer to become dinner when I spotted red peppers on sale. Yum! Then mushrooms, a Vidalia onion, a squash and zucchini followed suit. This was gonna be incredible. Dinner was shaping up in my mind and I could practically taste it right then and there. I marinated the chicken in some Olive Garden Italian dressing, chopped the veggies, added some oil, salt & pepper, and one of my favorite seasonings, and threw it all in my big cast iron skillet to hang out until it was dinner time. 10 minutes was all it took to get everything prepared and cleaned up.

With Summer coming very soon, I need to start thinking about shifting my meals to more Summer-friendly ones that don’t use the oven as much, come together quickly, and are not just burgers on the grill. This meal is definitely going to be on regular rotation. I love that it can all be done on the grill so I’m not heating up the house, and putting the veggies in my cast iron skillet on the grill gives the most amazing flavor. Perhaps a good summer cocktail will make the grilling time even more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, I was unable to eat dinner last night. A visit to the dentist led to a sore jaw and a mouth that barely opened, so eating was not an option. But it smelled Heavenly and was devoured by others with rave reviews, so I began planning my breakfast in the middle of being hangry. The next morning I re-heated the veggies in the same cast iron skillet, but this time on my stovetop. I added a bit of butter and got the veggies hot, then pushed them all to the sides and made an open space, added more butter, and cracked and scrambled 2 eggs, eventually mixing everything into a delicious, not the prettiest, but incredibly luscious skillet. And I added grated parmesan to the finished product because I am a sucker for the bit of bite parm brings to it. OH. MY. SWEET. LORD! I am not sharing this with the family- this is all mine! Breakfast until it runs out is my plan for these veggies. Oh, holy crap these are amazing!

Marinated Italian Chicken

Chicken Breasts

Olive Garden Italian Dressing

Place chicken breasts in gallon zipper bag, add enough dressing to cover all pieces (I used about 2/3 Cup for 6 breasts), remove extra air and seal bag, knead with your hands a few times to make sure all chicken is coated. Place bag into refrigerator until ready to grill, or at least 1 hour. The dressing gives fantastic flavor and keeps the chicken moist and delicious. Place chicken on grill and throw away the zipper bag and remaining dressing. Grill until thickest part of chicken reaches 175 degrees. Check temp in all pieces.

Cast Iron Grilled Veggies (4 servings)

1 Yellow Squash

1 Medium Zucchini

1 Vidalia Onion

8 oz Button Mushrooms

1 Red Bell Pepper

4 Tablespoons Olive Oil

2 Tablespoons Bell Pepper Herb Rub from Pampered Chef

Salt & Pepper to taste

Slice Squash and Zucchini into 1/4 inch slices. Cut Mushrooms into 4-8 chunks each, depending on size. Slice Peppers into 1/2″ x 2″ strips. Cut onion in fourths, then slice them 1/4″-1/2 ” thick for nice slices. Place all veggies in Cast Iron Skillet, coat with Olive Oil, then add Bell Pepper Herb Rub and Salt& Pepper. Mix a bit to evenly coat veggies. Place cast iron skillet into hot grill (400) for 10-18 minutes until veggies are to your desired texture, stirring every 5 minutes. Cook chicken on grill to internal temp of 175 in the thickest part (temp each one to make sure).

Cast Iron Skillet Veggie Scramble

1/2-1 Cup Leftover Veggies

2 Large Eggs


Grated Parmesan Cheese

Heat veggies in skillet on the stovetop with a little butter. Push hot veggies to the outside to create a place to cook eggs. Add a little butter to center and allow to melt, then crack 2 eggs over melted butter. Scramble the eggs and incorporate the veggies into them until eggs are cooked. Serve topped with a generous pinch of grated Parmesan Cheese.

What started out as 1 dinner has become dinner and breakfast- winner winner! I love when these little bonus meals happen and I get to cook once and eat a few times, especially when it is so flavorful, fresh, and good for you. Can you add different veggies? Absolutely! Can you use your favorite seasoning instead of what I use? You sure can! Take what you like, season it, and be brave enough to experiment with food and flavor. The grill is a fantastic place to do that, plus you get the extra bonuses of not heating up the house, and the flavor (and smell) that can only come from the grill. **One note on grilling chicken- get a good meat thermometer that you place in the meat inside the grill, but has a readout that stays outside the grill. I find chicken hard to just know when it’s done without cutting into it, and I definitely don’t want it overcooked, so this type of meat thermometer is a must-have tool. I got one on Amazon for around $20 and I use it on the grill and in my oven for certain meats like Beef Tenderloin. They are a life saver and take all the guesswork out of grilling. Well worth the $20!

Happy Summer Grilling!!

One thought on “Grilled Vegetables in Cast Iron

  1. These veggies look delicious!! I can’t wait to try them. I love the idea of scrambling them with eggs. Thanks for the inspiration!


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