Chicken Noodle Soup… Because You Can’t Always Give A Real Hug

So many people are sick right now. We are deep into cold and flu season, plus the ever-nearby apocalypse. Regardless of what the illness is or whether or not you can keep anything down, homemade chicken noodle soup is one of the greatest things in the world when you are ill! I know there areContinue reading “Chicken Noodle Soup… Because You Can’t Always Give A Real Hug”

My Mommas and Their Recipes, Part 1

Mother’s Day. The day we celebrate our moms, are celebrated as moms and mourn the moms we have lost. I have been blessed in my life to have several bonus moms- friends of my parents, my friends’ moms, and moms of the heart from many of my life paths. These women have blessed me withContinue reading “My Mommas and Their Recipes, Part 1”

Easy, Cozy Chili and Cornbread

Yesterday was cold. Like the windy, damp, cloudy, brrrrr kind of cold. So what’s a Midwestern girl to do? Make some chili and cornbread of course! I’m one of those people who gravitate to a steaming bowl of comfort food when it’s cold or rainy. On days like that, all I wanna do is curlContinue reading “Easy, Cozy Chili and Cornbread”