Ya Gotta Have a Plan

Holy crap has it been a long time since I published! I have very much missed writing and sharing with you, but for the past 3 months I just couldn’t do it. No reason to panic, I’m all good. It’s totally okay. I spent the better part of the last 3 months ready to barfContinue reading “Ya Gotta Have a Plan”

Preparing for a Meat Shortage, because cooler heads must prevail

Please please PLEASE don’t get sucked into the hysteria! Don’t Doomsday-prep and run out to every grocery store in a 50 mile radius and buy up each piece of meat you can get your hands on because the internet said you won’t be able to even buy meat within a month. The word shortage meansContinue reading “Preparing for a Meat Shortage, because cooler heads must prevail”