Biscuits for My Boys, because it’s their favorite

This Momma loves her boys! There is a 14 year difference between our oldest son and our youngest. They only lived under the same roof for about 4 years before Bubba spread his wings and got his own place. Bubba thinks Little Guy is funny and likes to make him do and say things toContinue reading “Biscuits for My Boys, because it’s their favorite”

Melt in your mouth Steak and Mushrooms with Seasoned, Grilled Potatoes

One of my friends sent me a meme a couple years back that said “I love cooking with wine, sometimes it even goes in the food!” Well, this recipe is kinda like that. A bottle of red met its end with this recipe, and some of it even went in the food! This is BigContinue reading “Melt in your mouth Steak and Mushrooms with Seasoned, Grilled Potatoes”

Easy, Cozy Chili and Cornbread

Yesterday was cold. Like the windy, damp, cloudy, brrrrr kind of cold. So what’s a Midwestern girl to do? Make some chili and cornbread of course! I’m one of those people who gravitate to a steaming bowl of comfort food when it’s cold or rainy. On days like that, all I wanna do is curlContinue reading “Easy, Cozy Chili and Cornbread”